Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pharmaceutical Flavor of the month

In a recent study, one in five children (That’s twenty percent!) is on some type of medication to either combat depression, attention deficit disorder (we used to call it daydreaming), or hyperactivity. 
It seems like the pharmaceutical industry has stepped up to the plate to find a cure for the human condition.  

We have truly stepped into Aldus Huxley’s, Brave New World (written in the early twentieth century) where the entire population was addicted to “Soma” a drug which kept you even and happy.

Attention Deficit Disorder seems to be the diagnosis given so often to children.  Children who have imaginations and find their minds wandering are now being drugged so they will concentrate and focus on whatever information is currently being shoveled into them.  I’m not saying that a child doesn’t learn to concentrate, but I think we are medicating something and pumping chemicals into children, when maybe they just need to learn HOW to concentrate. 

Giving pills is easier.  It feeds the multi-billion dollar drug industry.  Plus, parents are both forced to work so much. Who has time to teach children something like concentration techniques?  

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