Thursday, March 13, 2014

Aliens and UFOs

“The universe is big…I mean really big!  You may think it’s a long way down the street to the chemist, but that’s just peanuts to space!” – Douglas Addams

There is so much to day on this topic. 

To begin, most people recognize that with the universe being the size it is, the idea that we are “alone” is pretty absurd.  Most people also believe that intelligent alien life exists and that this planet has been visited by extra-terrestrials. 

In a Reuter’s news article from 2-3 years ago, a hacker in the UK was exposed.  This hacker’s sole reason for hacking was an attempt to gain information from US defense and space agencies surrounding the existence of extra-terrestrial life.  When asked whether or not he now believed that extra-terrestrial life existed, he responded with a firm, "ALIENS DO EXIST."

So this raises two practical questions:

1. What would it take to make the general public accept that extra terrestrial life exists and has visited this planet?
2. What impact would that have on the planet if it were revealed?  Panic?  Religious fervor? 

To the first question, who would need to make the announcement?  CNN?  ABC?  There have been many documentaries bringing to light evidence and testimony from reliable sources, but most seem to pull their punches in the end, not wanting to add their reputation to the credibility of their witnesses. 

To the next question, what impact would it have on the planet?  The economy?  Would it bring universal peace or panic?  Some believe we are being prepared by television and popular science fiction is laced with concepts and ideas that would prepare us to accept these beings.  While many Star Trek fans would argue that they have been ready for this information since the 60’s, I tend to agree with the line in “Men in Black:”

“A person can be smart.  People are stupid and panicky.” 

A crowd will usually act down to the level of the lowest intelligence of its participants.

The true religious zealots would still deny their existence, denouncing them as “work of the devil.” 

Most organized religions will need to redefine themselves if they want to remain in existence. 

“The world Universe was created in six days.”  

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