Friday, August 29, 2014

To My Faithful Readers

To My Faithful Readers,

As many of you know, I became a dad this year to two beautiful little girls. 
As a result, the sequel to “Hath No Fury:” “Moments of Rhythm and Magic” will be delayed a little further into 2015.
To carry you until then here is another VERY rough excerpt from “Moments of Rhythm and Magic”:

Even before going to the house he shared with his Grandmother, he stopped by Amy's house.  He was pretty certain that the Sellers family had moved when he tried calling Amy from Christie's house all those months ago.  Still, he had to try.  He found it dark and empty.  An aging "Century 21" sign stood outside. 

"Sorry man,"  Danny said.

"It's ok," Mark said.  Although he didn't feel ok.  He felt an incredible need to be in his old home. 

As he walked over he glanced at the old meeting place he and Amy had, the little hollow in the bushes.  It was where they had met countless times before their adventures.  He had  expected to see it overgrown, or worse, to see the bushes around it dying.  What he did see surprised him.  In the hollow now grew a bush with peach colored roses.  They were breathtakingly beautiful as they bloomed in the spring warmth. 

He loves you.

Mark had to work hard to hold back the flood of feelings that threatened to overwhelm him.  Determined to find something...some peace.  He soldiered on to his own house, Danny in tow.

He found his grandmothers house to be empty and boarded up.  Some of the exterior looked "blackened."  It appeared as though someone wanted to burn it, but either didn't know how, or was afraid to get close enough to do it properly.  Graffiti had already begun to show up in spray-painted words of all of them witches!  Mark wasnt sure why, but he didnt think these deeds were done by child pranksters, not in this neighborhood, but by someone older, who should know better.

Danny had offered to help him break in, but Mark still surprisingly had his key, which worked the door lock and deadbolt.

Mark reflexively called for Natasha, who, of course, didnt come.  The hint of incense still permeated the air, and for an instant, Mark found it comforting.  Warm memories of his grandmother and rituals filled his mind.  For an instant, he felt at home. It felt good, but somehow empty.

As they walked through the entry way they found the incense smell was was mixed with a musty smell and something really foul and rancid underneath.

The police in Kingston weren't the fastest operating, and this place was still a crime scene five months later.  It would not have given Mark comfort to know that his grandmother had already been dead before the grizzly events of that Halloween evening had occurred. His grandmother's body had been removed, but because it was still and active crime scene it had not been cleaned up yet.

Danny walked into the living room first, and, before Mark had a chance to see the room Danny threw him back.

What the hell are you doing?!  Mark yelled, genuine surprise and anger in his voice.

Mark, man, you dont want to go in there?  Danny said holding Mark in something of a bear hug.

Yes I do!  Mark protested.

No man, Danny insisted. dont!

---See you in 2015

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