Friday, August 29, 2014

Future Personal Computing Technology Trends

An earlier article, I mentioned how the smaller device (i.e. Smartphone) would become the centre of personal technology.  It certainly has gone that way over the past few years, with most consumers now carrying a Smartphone.  Cellular devices that are NOT at least first generation smart devices with screens are becoming more and more rare.  Even my parents are now iPhone users!
We still see the need, however for the tablet and the laptop (for a keyboard if nothing else).  There are still needs for larger screens and more human sized interfaces.  Many human interface devices interconnect via Bluetooth wireless protocol, which has recently become much more advanced and efficient.
We will see a shift in the next three stages of personal computing technology that will hinge on the advancement of wireless technology as a whole; all protocols, from Bluetooth to wifi to Cellular.

First stage – A shift in the center

As many of you know from some of the past articles, we love technology that is built into a watch.  It could be either a Dick Tracy or Knight Rider worship thing, but mostly because it’s really cool and convenient.  Even Steve Wozniak called out for Apple to look toward more wearable technology.
The first stage will see the center of the technology shift to the wearable device itself.  The wearable device will be the heart/brains.  The larger interfaces, handsets, tablets, keyboards, screens etc will be linked to this piece of wearable tech.
The wearable tech could either be a watch, glasses (Like Google Glass), pendant or something new.  This device will be the local memory, and network/internet connection.  Tablet and laptop-like interfaces will become as generic and interchangeable as Bluetooth earpieces are to our Smartphones.

Second Stage- Access from Anywhere!

The next stage will be more subtle, and it’s happening now.  Most of our files and information will be accessible from anywhere.  Cloud (such a trendy word) based information or internet accessible servers will be a local source for data and applications, and it won’t matter on what device you are on.
The wearable tech may shift to become the internet or network interface and the secure personal gateway to private information.

Third Stage- It’s all in your head

Several teams at Princeton and Berkley are making real advances in mapping out brain electrical configurations and mapping them to specific thoughts.  It’s a reasonable assumption that a mental interface bay be developed.  It may not completely replace hand gestures, voice, touch-screens or keyboards for quite a while (at least for business), but it may appear in the next 5-10 years for personal or consumer interaction.
Just don’t leave it on in your sleep!

This NEEDS to happen

As nice as all of our mobile technology is, all of our devices suffer from the need to be constantly recharged.  There is a huge market for portable batteries, solar panels and anything to compensate for the ever growing demand for portable power. 
Until a miniature, practical, generator, fuel cell or REALLY extended battery technology is developed, we will be constantly tethered.  

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