Monday, April 21, 2014

Top 10 Favorite Time Travel Movies

These are not in order of most to least, just a general list of my favorites.

What are yours?

1. Time after Time- Early Malcom MacDowell.  H.G. Wells chases Jack the Ripper through time.
2. Back to the Future 1 & 3.  2 was kind of boring in my book.
3. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 1 - "Strange things are afoot at the Circle-k."
4. Time Stalkers- Made for TV movie that went to video.  Should spell, "echh!" but doesn't.  A well written story under-produced.  Man buys a genuine tin-type from the old west, except that a gunslinger in the picture is carrying a .357 magnum made in 1980.
5. 12 Monkeys - Twisted and different.   Well written and even better acted.
6. Star Trek IV- The scene at then end with the Klingon Ship de-cloaking over the whaling ship made it all worth it.
7. Somewhere in Time- Well written and realistic atmosphere
8. The Time Machine - The 1960, Rod Taylor version
9. Midnight in Paris- Go to Paris.  Discover all things are possible.
10. Frequency- unconventional with a lot of nice moments.

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