Friday, May 31, 2013

Great Audiobook review of Hath No Fury!

One of my readers posted a review of "Hath No Fury" on an audiobook review page. It was so good, I want to share it here:

Jody Ochs wrote:
"I finished your book yesterday. SO well written, and charming. You so expertly danced between light and dark forces and kept me surprised the whole way through. I also loved the fact that women and men were portrayed as equals. When you joined and described your book, I thought it was about UFO's which I know little about, but also have little interest in, even though the moon is looking pretty good to me given the state of our state currently. But this was a book about metaphysical spirituality, which I do have some background in. It's very hard to find a grounded book on Metaphysical spirituality and I absolutely LOVED it! You better be working hard, because I am waiting for the next one! Honored to know you. I am surrounded by artists and am constantly in awe of each and every one of them and their talent. But to be able to paint with words is beyond my grasp, and you do it beautifully. Bravo on your first book!"

"Also I forgot to mention why I liked the narrator so much. The choice was so perfect as most of the characters, and certainly the central characters were young, so her young voice really put me in that time frame. Her inflections were just lovely."

"I have one final comment, I also find it rare that a male author has such a wonderful understanding of women, and you obviously have a unique balance of both Yin and Yang! Loved that too!"

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