Monday, November 19, 2012

Hath No Fury received a five star rating by the Paranormal Romance Guild.!!

My book, "Hath No Fury- The Lesson of three Book One" just received a five star rating by the Paranormal Romance Guild.

This is a fiction story with factually reported paranormal events. It's written by an established, credible, science and technology writer for well-known publications.

The story has in interesting world to immerse yourself into without losing an edge in reality. What sets it apart is the books paranormal elements. It is not a typical, "drippy" vampire romance. Hath no Fury is about REAL magic. While the storyline is a fictional, any paranormal elements are actually based on real events personally observed in research or relayed by very credible witnesses.

Set in the 1970's, Mark and Amy, the central characters of the story, live a life of discovery and wonder amidst a secret world of magic practitioners. As they mature, they discover their own magic and a new facet to their friendship. Just as they turn over a new page in their relationship, their worlds are suddenly rocketed out of control by a destiny and a source of evil that has been waiting patiently for a generation.

My prior writing credits include: NBC, The SyFy Channel, Haunted Attractions Magazine and Weird NJ Magazine

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